Construction and Demolition Waste consulting

All About Waste construction & demolition (C&D) waste and recycling program saves clients C&D costs when diverting recyclable materials from landfills.  We also help clients to achieve over 75% C&D diversion. We can work directly with general contractors for different service needs, such as full LEED construction services and documentation. 

LEED v4 – New Requirements

  • BD+C: 
    • Develop a construction and demolition waste management plan – it’s now a prerequisite!
    • Establish waste diversion goals for the project targeting at least five materials. – it’s now a prerequisite!
    • Provide a final report detailing waste streams and diversion rates. – it’s now a prerequisite!
  • O+M:
    • Develop a Facility and Renovation Policy– it’s now a prerequisite!
    • Divert at least 70% of the waste generated by facility maintenance and renovation activities.

We can help you with C&D Management Plan, Diversion Reports, and LEED v4 requirements and documentation.