Waste Management Infrastructure Design & Consulting

Design Appropriately Sized Storage and Collection Infrastructure of:

  • Recyclables
  • Hazardous/ E-Waste Waste 
  • Organics

One of the most common obstacles that hinders successful recycling efforts is the lack of convenient collection areas for recyclable materials. A well designed waste management infrastructure is crucial to make recycling the default behavior for the building’s occupants. All About Waste can assist you to design the best solution for a building to management the waste generated. Each study is costume-made for each building and community.

LEED v4 – New Requirements

  • BD+C, ID+C, Core& Shell: 
    • Provide dedicated areas for the storage and collection of recyclables.
    • Provide for the safe collection, storage, and disposal of two of the following: batteries, mercury-containing lamps, and electronic waste. -Now it’s part of the prerequisite!

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