Waste Audits

We can analyze and improve any business’s waste stream through a detailed waste stream audit. Our team has vast experience in performing audits throughout North and South America. Believe it or not, we would love to dig through your trash! 

LEED v4 – New Requirements

  • BD+C or ID+C Retail: 
    • Conduct a waste audit for the project in a existing location or make project based on historical data for similar retail spaces.
  • BD+C Core & Shell: 
    • Must estimate tenants’ recycling needs, based on case study's or historical data.
  • O+M: 
    • Perform a waste audit- it’s now a prerequisite! 
    • Perform a waste audit every 5 years to get 2 points under “Solid Waste Management – ongoing consumables”

WELL® Certification

A Waste Audit is part of the Cleaning Protocol. The Cleaning Protocol is a precondition for the new and existing interiors, and new and existing buildings. Please contact us to learn more about WELL®, Cleaning Protocol and Waste Audits.

Contact us to learn more about waste audits, studies, and LEED v4 requirements!