TRUE Zero Waste Certification

TRUE stands for Total Resource Use and Efficiency. TRUE is GBCI's latest rating system, and it focuses on certifying buildings and facilities that are truly making an effort to be Zero Waste. TRUE Certified facilities are efficient and high-performing supporters of the circular economy. The rating system aims to not only reduce the amount of waste being generated, but to also divert everything away from landfills, incinerators, and the environment.

This rating system is intended for just about any facility; be it a school, office building, business, or other kind. Facilities that have achieved 90% (or higher) diversion of their waste from landfills/incinerators can pursue certification, but performance needs to be maintained, documented, and reported to GBCI annually to keep the certification.

The Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit. The TRUE Certification aims to increase efficiencies and decrease pollution, so that everyone can benefit. This is accomplished by reducing the amount of waste that pollutes our environment, and in turn our own health, as well as supporting business processes that use resources more effectively and reduce costs. 

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Other Zero Waste Certifications

Aside from the TRUE Certification, All About Waste also offers benchmarking solutions for the proper use of resources and best practices of our client’s solid waste and recycling programs in order to achieve the stringent requirements set forth by industry leading Zero Waste advocates. Below is a list of standards and certifications that your company may acquire once achieving a certain level of diversion rates and waste reduction:  



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